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Chris T. Nhan, DDS Reviews
6600 Mercy Court, Suite 250, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
based upon 8 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 8 reviews.
4.2 / 5 Yelp 4.5 Stars
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5 / 5
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Ma Ndwa N website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 05/10/2023 Yelp 5 Stars I highly recommend this office Dr. Chris is a very conservative, professional friendly dentist.
If your like me and get nervous to go to the dentist you...
Lori R website Logo Yelp Review
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Keley C website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 06/30/2022 Recommended I visited Dr. Chris office this week.
After being referred to his office; first contact was with Angie with her welcoming invite. Having fear of knowing what was needed (2nd consultation) needed for my own self. WOW 🤩 !!! Angie is fabulous and then meeting Dr. chris !!! I give him off the scale rating; I promise you he is amazing, knowledgeable, caring … he offers all with all the technology today …. He can do all,.
His caring ways and knowledge took my fear away… of course this is my new dentist and I recommend him to all.
Theresa R website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/26/2022 Yelp 1 Stars I was recommended to Dr Nhan by a relative. When making the appointment the office person asked what dental insurance I had which was was Delta Dental. Her... Linda S website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 07/05/2021 Dr Chris is amazing. He’s very detailed in his dental work. I also like the fact that he explains the options you have and let’s you decide on which route to take. He made me a crown in the same day and matched the color dead on. Thanks for your craftsmanship I can have my smile back! Cain D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/27/2021 Dr. Chris, Is a Fine Tuned Artist in Professional Dentistry!! I will never change to any other. Amy Kinney L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/27/2019 The staff and of course Chris were just awesome. It was a wonderful experience seeing them they were all polite and made u feel very welcome. I look forward to more visits. Ritz The Raccoon ( website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/17/2019 Sean M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/10/2018 A dentist & staff to die for......go git some! I did. AWESOME! Dr. Chris & staff! Rico S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/10/2018 ...IMHO this doctor and staff descended from heaven to be here just for me, personally! If you don't know what it's like to love your dentist's office, GO HERE! <3 #1patient from the #NorthernHighlands in California! peace/out Rico #1 Richard S
Posted On: 04/16/2018 Has anyone else been traumatized by a dentist ?
Does anyone else feel like dentists are like car salesmen ?
I don't have dental insurance & I only go to the dentist when I have to,which translates to: I go for a cleaning every 1-2 years. The past 8 years I've gone to 3 different dentists, trying to find one that I could trust. Dr. Nhan is not like any dentist I have ever met. I had to have a 33 year old crown replaced & not only did he make the customized crown in office & put it on the same day, but I left with no pain, not even after the Novocaine wore off. Speaking of Novocaine,I have never had such a pain free injection.I found Dr Nhan to be ,amiable,honest,extremely efficient & up to date on current dental procedures & technology. He impressed me & I won't be switching dentists again.
Brogana M ( website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 03/08/2018 Recommended Such a great dentist and staff! Fantastic with kids too! Highly recommended ����� Stephanie K website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 11/21/2017 Yelp 2 Stars Update:

Since having the crevices of my molars filled (where he broke one of my teeth) I ended up with damage and cavities in every single tooth he...
Katie S website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 09/08/2017 Recommended After my very first visit, I was hooked. Dr. Chris really cares about his patients and doing the very best for them. He is truly an artist in dentistry...and, you can't ask for a more amazing staff. Fayne Boyd K website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 03/25/2017 Chris Nahn is a great dentist and also, a wonderful person/humanitarian. Jen website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/19/2015 Recommended We love them.Awesome people! April Warren Delos R website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 08/20/2015 After several bad experiences at other dental offices, it was nice to get my teeth cleaned without being drowned or getting stabbed. Everyone in the office is super nice and knowledgeable. After telling Janette, my hygienist, my issues and my past experiences she was gentle, thoughtful and thorough. Dr. Chris Nhan also has a great 'bedside' manner. Most of the time dentists don't take the time to listen to your issues but Dr. Nhan did! He gave information on why and how something needed to be done instead of just telling me to get something done.

Thank you for the awesome experience.
Chrystal S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/29/2015 I have so much to say about Dr. Nhan! I came from a horrible dentist who I was terrified of and who took advantage of my dental insurance. Dr. Nhan has change my outlook on dentists. He has helped me and my family more than he'll ever know. He actually cares! If you're looking for a great dentist that tells you and shows you exactly what is going on in YOUR mouth this is your guy! He is always honest and gives you all of your options. I can happily say I went to this place for cleanings my whole time with braces and got them off with no cavities! I'm so pleased. I will recommend this dentist to any and everyone. Thank you, Dr. Nhan!! Shelby F
Posted On: 10/23/2014 Recommended Have been a patient for over 13 years. The best staff ever!! Melody H website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 10/15/2014 Recommended Sharron J website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 10/11/2013 This dental office is awesome! I haven't been to a dentist for over 5 years and when I first got here I was honestly a little nervous, but they did a great job keeping me calm and happy! I recommend this place they are really good at what they do. Tony P
Posted On: 05/05/2013 The first time I went to see Dr. Nhan it had been over 20 years since I'd set foot in a dental office, and I was blown away by the extremely friendly staff. They really went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and had a pain-free experience! Since then I've had a smile makeover where Dr. Nhan fixed my chipped front teeth with bonding, my husband just got his braces off, and my 6 year old daughter loves going for her checkups so she can dig in the treasure chest after. Sheila A
Posted On: 11/20/2012 I have been going to Dr. Chris since the late 90s and have been extremely happy he and his entire office. I used to have high anxiety when going to the dentist to the point where I would be sick to my stomach. NOT with Dr. Chris. He is extremely gentle and his staff genuinely make you feel like you're a friend and not just another patient. They always ask how everything is and remember all the stories about my family and dogs which never happened with my old dentist. Mike J