Our Practice

Serving Fair Oaks, Carmichael & Citrus Heights.

mission statement

Our Patient Pledge: Our team is dedicated to providing a caring and understanding atmosphere for all who visit our office. We are passionate about excellence and growth in all aspects of our profession. We promise to use the latest innovations to provide the highest quality care for our patients. Our team is committed to delivering meaningful service to the community in which we live and work. Our goal is to regularly share our time, talents, and resources with others.

Together, we pledge to build a solid caring relationship with our patients and their families to achieve a healthy, lasting smile.

about us

Our office is a small patient health-centered team of professionals dedicated to serving people. We maintain a high standard of attention to our patients and we want this to be a commanding statement about the quality of our care.

We are here to help you preserve your health and well-being with maximum comfort, function, protection and appearance for your lifetime … knowing that what we do in the mouth affects the health of your entire body and impacts the quality of your life.

our approach to dentistry

  1. We’ll take care of pain and discomfort
  2. We’ll examine and, if necessary, improve foundation
  3. We’ll create and implement plan for perfect function
  4. We’ll address general health problems dentist can treat or prevent
  5. We’ll address aesthetic concerns

there are several things you can expect from us

  1. We will never do a procedure that is not in your best interest.
  2. We will never perform a procedure until you know (a) why it needs to be done (b) how long your appointment will be and (c) how much it will cost.
  3. You can expect us to tell you the benefits and known risks of any recommended procedure, and, read an information sheet about the procedure for your approval before any treatment begins.
  4. You can expect us to be as gentle as possible … what we want is painless dentistry.
  5. You can expect us to be on time. We respect our patients and make sure that everything is prepared in advance and is ready for you.
  6. If you have dental insurance or a benefits program, you can expect our office to help you receive the best reimbursement benefit possible.
  7. We will look for short term and long-range goals, and then you can expect us to guide you and prepare a plan for your health … a lifetime strategy for your health. You may not want to get everything done all at once. We understand this, but what we want to do is agree on a goal. It doesn't matter if it takes us 4 weeks or 4 years to complete your work. This will allow your mouth to be restored to optimal health at whichever pace you choose.
  8. We believe that a dental practice dedicated to prevention, service and excellence will result in a dental service that we are proud to render and you are pleased to receive.

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