Single-Visit Dental Crowns in Fair Oaks


3D digital dental impressions
Dr. Chris builds a 3D model of your mouth while you watch.

Digital Dental Impressions, scan patients mouth.
3D Scanner Wand for digital dental impressions.
Dental crown fabricated color-matched and fitted in about one hour.

Dental crowns fabricated & fitted in about an hour.

Traditional crown placement takes two appointments, weeks apart. But, Dr. Chris's patients only need one visit. Dental crowns fabricated and fitted in just over an hour.

We use a 3D Scanner Wand to digitally sweep the section of your mouth where a dental restoration goes. 

The wand builds a 3D model of your mouth on a screen right in front of your eyes. Using the model, Dr. Chris will prepare your restoration on the computer. Designs are fully functional and sized to fit precisely in your mouth.

From there, the digital file is networked to a milling robot that will sculpt a color-matched porcelain block into the final restoration. This restoration is permanent and even better than we would expect from a dental lab.

After a test-fitting and any final adjustments, Dr. Chris bonds the crown to the tooth. 

Bam! You walk out with the final restoration.


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