Single-Visit Porcelain Crowns
Dental Crown

The exposed part of the tooth that everyone sees when you smile is called the dental crown. Sometimes this dental crown can be damaged due to trauma or even severe tooth decay that it becomes necessary to replace the original tooth crown with a new one. New dental implants or a dental implant with an existing crown that is failing are also times where Dr. Nhan can place a porcelain crown. This porcelain crown is designed to look just like your other natural teeth but is also strong enough to restore normal functionality to the tooth, just as if it were the real thing.

Single visit porcelain crowns made from CEREC

In case you think you read that wrong, we can assure you, you didn't. Our dental office uses a highly specialized piece of equipment called CEREC which allows us to design and physically craft a permanent crown replacement right here in the office during a single appointment.

A Single-visit Crown Appointment also means:

  • No messy impressions need to be taken of your mouth
  • No bulky and uncomfortable temporary crown will need to be placed and worn while you wait for the final crown
  • No second appointment to fit and place the final crown needs to be made.

You will quite literally walk in to our office for your new crown appointment, and walk out with the final crown bonded to your tooth and ready for use.

Call our office at 916-965-7188 and request an appointment to come in and see for yourself that a single-visit crown is possible.

Because our office can provide a dental crown in a single dental appointment, we do things a little different than other dental offices. We can skip the temporary molds and the time it takes to have a dental lab fabricate your final crown.

Old Crown Being Reduced

1. We start the crown procedure by reducing the overall size of the tooth that's in need of a dental crown. Shaving off existing tooth structure allows for the new crown to fit properly and it also creates a foundation for the new crown to be bonded to.

CEREC Wand Being Used on a Patient

2. Next, using our state-of-the-art CEramic REConstruction (CEREC) system, we will digitally scan the section of your mouth that has been prepared for the crown. This is done by using a special wand that can be easily positioned in your mouth to ensure an extremely accurate digital representation of the restoration area.

CEREC CAD Unit Showing Restoration Area

3. We will now be able to see a high-resolution 3D representation of the area and start to design a new crown that will fit perfectly over the prepared tooth. Our patients often love getting to see us create a new tooth for them in real time, right there on the screen.

CEREC Milling Machine Getting Ready To Create A Dental Restoration

4. Once the digital representation of the new crown has been created on the computer, we will send it off to our in-house milling machine. We place a block of porcelain that has been color-matched to the shade of your existing tooth into the milling machine and run the program. This amazing machine robotically fabricates a perfect crown restoration that is ready to be placed over the prepared tooth at this time. This crown is the final crown and NOT a temporary crown which means you have just received a new dental crown in a single dental appointment.

Crown vs. Inlays and Onlays

Generally speaking, a dental crown will replace a full crown to correct a damaged or heavily decayed tooth. Inlays & onlays are a more conservative alternative that are used when the entire crown does not need to be replaced. For example, if a portion of a tooth has been damaged or missing due to trauma to the area, it may be decided that the remaining tooth crown still retains good structural integrity and does not need to be completely replaced. In this case, a dental onlay will be created to simply be placed over the damaged area.

To learn more about dental inlays & onlays, click here as they might be the perfect option for your specific situation. If you have more questions about what restoration you might need, please don't hesitate to call us at 916-965-7188 or request an appointment through our website and come in to see us for an evaluation.

Piggy bank representing how affordable single visit crowns are

The cost of any dental restoration depends on the materials used, the location of the restoration and the original condition of the tooth the crown is being placed on. Porcelain crowns are no exception. Depending on your specific dental insurance plan, a portion of the costs can be covered under insurance. We will be more than happy to look up your dental insurance and share this information with you during your visit so please be sure to request an appointment so we can take a look.

Typically there are some out-of-pocket expenses associated with receiving a porcelain crown and is why we feel it is important for us to offer a way for patients to easily afford their restoration via in-house payment plans and through CareCredit. Your dental health is VERY IMPORTANT and should never be over-looked when it comes to paying for care. Ignoring a dental issue that requires a new dental crown can lead to much more severe health issues. If you or someone you know is in need or might need a dental crown, please call our office at 916-965-7188 or request an appointment online and come in for a dental evaluation.

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